This is the second photograph that was voted as photo of the month for December by Burn My Eye members and is by Don Hudson. If you follow this thread you will probably remember that there was a tie between Don and Gustavo Minas whose image was featured last week. It’s an old photograph but Don unearthed it from his archives only recently.

“In the Summer of 1978 my wife and I moved to the small town of South Lyon, about 15 miles from Ann Arbor Michigan where we both worked. That Fall I noticed a lot of banners, window paintings, and other decorations supporting the local High School football team going up around town. Curious about the fervor suggested by the decorations, I went to the Friday night game. Liking what I experienced, I wound up shooting at my hometown games and at other games in towns around me for four seasons. My rig, a rangefinder camera with a wide angle and strobe, was not the typical sports photographer's set-up. And I wasn't interested in "documenting " the events as much as I was curious about photographing in such an atmosphere of heightened social energy and under weird (for me) lighting conditions. I became addicted to the quest to find pictures that transformed this experience. Recently, I have been revisiting these pictures made nearly 40 years ago, and this is one example made in 1980”.

By Don Hudson