I was born and raised in Bangkok, where I continue to live with my wife and son. Photography found me in my 30s during an intensely reflective period of my life. Being quite open to trying anything new, photography quickly became my escape after my brother gave me my first camera; it got me out of the house and onto the streets, and my focus began to shift to life outside of my head. I found that I think best on my feet, and the streets became my personal action space, mentally as well as physically. I enjoy observing and photographing small gestures, not just of people but also of things, of animals, of light and colour. Anything that, when it all comes together, strikes me as interesting and surreal. I travel for photography when I can, but these days I make most of my pictures in Bangkok. It’s my way of making peace with a city I grew up in, but one I never quite came to love, perpetually searching for reasons to stay.  


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