In this month's vote for the best photograph we had a tie between Gustavo Minas and Don Hudson. Next week we will post the second winner.

I work as a journalist and social media editor in Brasilia from 2pm to 10pm. This shifts make it possible for me to go out everyday to shoot when light is better, any time from 4PM to 7PM, depending on the season of the year. It feels great to leave my job to do something I love, even if for a short break. This image was made in one of those free hours. For me, it's a lot about its negative space (that huge block of red), something that Saul Leiter mastered and I think it's very hard to do well. It's also about how a tiny detail (that cigarrette in hand), that's roughly 1% of the frame, can be so important for an image. And it's also about how beautiful a woman in red smoking a cigarrette can look, even when we can't see much of her.

By Gustavo Minas