I was born in 1979 in Athens, Greece. When 5 years old, we moved to Munich, Germany for 5 years, and then back to Crete, Greece. 2004 I moved to Stockholm, Sweden where I still live. All this moving around made me from an early age a person enjoying traveling a lot. It is so I started photography, as a traveler, as a tourist, making the usual touristic photos. Being a medical doctor didn’t allow enough time to get deeper in photography. I consider myself lucky to live in Sweden since there is enough free time (unlike Greece) to do more things in life than just working. Sometime in 2010 and after a series of events I discovered artistic photography. Got totally hooked and since then photography is a part of my life everyday. Started as a street photographer, but nowadays I will make photos of anything I find having artistic value. Family, friends, objects and still enjoying the streets. Remembering my life through the art of photography is what keeps me going.


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