Zisis Kardianos


I was born in Zakynthos Greece in 1962 and became infatuated with photography in 1982 after discovering the photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I studied documentary photography in the Focus School in Athens but considers myself primarily self-taught.

My photos reflect locales visited in Greece and other Mediterranean countries where I feel equally at home and they have been published in Greek and foreign magazines, book covers as well as various on-line venues. In 2012 I took part in the Athens Photo Festival with a solo exhibition of my series "Off-Season". Also in the same year my book "A sense of place" was published, featuring b&w photographs of my native island seen through the oblique perspective of a street-life photographer.

What I strive to achieve is the making through my photographs of an imaginary world, where even the most prosaic situations can acquire a mysterious nuance and a meaning different from the one that they carry in reality. I am a founding member of the international photography collective Burn My Eye and a contributing photographer of the Millennium photo agency.