Born 1969 in the industrial North of England, but raised in the South, Kossoff became interested in art from an early age. Beginning with painting, he was enthusiastic but frustrated, so drifted from one discipline to another in an effort to express himself clearly. He discovered photography in school after buying a large stock of stolen Polaroid film from a class mate and suddenly felt creatively liberated and quickly connected with the portable, instant and sketchbook quality of the resulting images and the stream of idea’s which went with it. After the film ran out the passion remained, but somehow he found himself training as an actor instead. In the early 90’s, with a desire to return to photography he joined a darkroom printing class with the Royal Photographic Society and in 97 enrolled in Brighton University’s excellent BA (hons) degree program in Editorial Photography and graduated in 99 with a 1st. In the years following college, Kossoff lived in Oslo, Norway and after experiencing a series of personal tragedies, he sold his cameras and spent his time traveling and writing instead. Kossoff’s return to photography came whilst teaching English in Madrid, Spain when he purchased his first digital camera and re-connected to the same instant feedback and flow of idea’s he’d experienced with Polaroid and began documenting both his inner and outer life with a new found passion. It was in Madrid that he met his future wife and later moved with her to Kansas City where they have been living for the last five years where he now works as an EMT. The USA came as a great inspiration to Kossoff and he has been photographing it, on and off the road, locally and nationally since his arrival, calling it the “Ultimate subject matter”.