I am Street Photographer based in New York City where I was born and still live.

I feel like, in a sense, I was a Street Photographer for my entire life, but it is only recently that I started using a camera to document it.

I have a girlfriend and a kid that I love more than anything in the world, but after them it is Street Photography, punk rock, and the New York Mets!

I came of age in the New York Hardcore scene in the 1980’s and it is thru that prism that I still view the world. Equal parts cynicism, anger, amusement and pride. These are the things that inform my vision, and I hope come thru in my images. The biggest challenge I find with SP is constantly trying to make better Street photographs while consciously trying not to get better at photography itself. My goal is to eventually have made enough quality images that I become immortal, then I can die happy. At the rate I am going that should take approximately a hundred years, 85 if I am feeling optimistic.